Revolutionary ‘artificial pancreas’ could change type 1 diabetes forever

Revolutionary ‘artificial pancreas’ could change type 1 diabetes forever


A new study, published in the BMJ, suggests the device is a ‘safe and effective’ treatment for Type 1 diabetes.

Dr Emily Burns, head of research communications at Diabetes UK, said: “Diabetes UK has supported research to develop the artificial pancreas for decades, so this analysis of current evidence is a promising step in the right direction for people with Type 1 diabetes. While the artificial pancreas isn’t the cure people with Type 1 diabetes are waiting for, evidence suggests it could make a significant difference to how the condition is managed. This could also have the potential to reduce the risk of devastating complications. There’s still work to be done to understand the full benefits of the artificial pancreas; until then, it’s essential that people with type 1 diabetes have access to the currently available technologies – such as pumps or continuous glucose monitoring – that can help make living with this serious condition that bit easier.”